First Step, We Preview your Home

Your home doesn’t have to be in perfect condition for this visit. As experienced Realtors, we can look around some paint scuffs, laundry, toys, clutter and minor repair work to determine value. If you have blueprints, exterior summer photos (What’s under all of that snow?), association bylaws and covenants, please have them ready for this appointment.

Preparing You and your Home for Sale

As we tour together, we will listen to your plans to prepare for the sale and we will make economical, beneficial recommendations. We will discuss agency relationships, commission structures, costs of selling and answer all of your questions.

A Market Analysis of your home.

Determining the listing price range by comparing recent local sales and current homes for sale, market trends and location. With sufficient infomation, sellers should be able to set the listing price.

Listing your Home for Sale

Paperwork -Exclusive listing form, MLS Input form and Disclosure forms on the working order of everything in the home/yard, concerns/repairs, internet exposure, wells, septic systems, lead paint and more!

Marketing Techniques

We do it all! Staging as needed. Jane is an accredited staging professional and as necessary we bring in other stagers. Distinctive brochures with easy to read fact sheet, many digital photos, disclosure statements, plat map and (optional) a letter from the seller. Realtor opens, open houses, superior internet presence and YouTube tours of all homes. Direct mail and email campaigns. Networking with other Realtors in the area. And a variety of other marketing forms.

Negotiating the Best Price is not the only consideration.

Closing date, contingencies, possession, buyers’ loan approval documentation and financing arrangements, lender commitment workorders, inspection negotiations, home warranties, tax proration, special assessments, well and septic certification, and buyer requests for personal property and/or repairs are all important factors in negotiating the best offer. Experience is the most powerful tool when negotiating a contract. We firmly believe that you can be nice and a strong negotiator.

Closing Process
When all terms of the purchase agreement have been settled and the inspection details finalized, the paperwork flies! An appraiser will schedule an appointment. Title work is commonly completed by a title company. If an abstract is available, you will need to provide it to the title company as well as a copy of the Owners’ title insurance policy. The buyer determines the physical location of the closing. We provide contact information for utility companies, etc.. Coordination efforts of Realtors, buyers, sellers, loan officer and closers will assre a smooth closing which should last about an hour. If you prefer, we can arrange for you to presign and you will not have to attend the closing as a seller.