Personal Profiles

Jane and Dan
Jane and Dan prefer the positive approach! Work hard, play hard. Adjust to change. Make new friends, keep the old. Life is an adventure – a journey of learning and caring. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Or throw them back even harder...

Both graduated from the University of MN. Dan with a degree in finance. Jane with a degree in accounting. Dan was born, raised and has remained in Minnesota. Jane grew up in Wisconsin and lived in Texas, Louisiana and Colorado.

When they married New Year’s Eve, 2001, they blended a family of 5 children. So they can relate to so many life experiences.

When they can find time they enjoy motorcycling, golfing, playing tennis, and scuba diving. Dan volunteers for the Carver County Recovery Dive Team. They enjoy helping at schools and are active members of Westwood Community Church.

Dan's dream is to bartend in a grass shack in the tropics. Jane's is to put the umbrellas in the drinks.
Until then they love to help people buy and/or sell their homes.
They truly appreciate every buyer and every seller.