You Need A Good Realtor

10 Considerations for Hiring a Real Estate Team – Like QR Homes with RE/MAX Results
1. Strength of the Team and the Brokerage Firm

  • Availability - two professionals for quick response time
  • Cell phone numbers used for primary contact for sellers, Realtors and potential buyers
  • 800 number for long distance contacts
  • Office hours every day of the week for scheduling showings
  • Financial wherewithal to act in the sellers’ best interests
  • Legal counsel on staff
  • National recognition

2. Marketing

  • Accuracy
  • High quality and tasteful photography
  • Personal acquaintance of most top Realtors, therefore superior networking
  • RE/MAX YouTube tours
  • Personalized website, RE/MAX Results City and Neighborhood website,enhanced national websites
  • Professional brochures
  • Personally attend Realtor Open House
  • Personally attend Open Houses
  • Direct mail and email campaigns
  • Virtual tours
  • Out of the Box Strategies
  • Staging
  • National RE/MAX advertising

3. Pricing

  • Providing sensible sold comparables and a thorough explanation of the current competition to determine a realistic price range

4. Knowledge of the market

  • Important for proper pricing and pertinent marketing

5. Experience

  • Most powerful tool when negotiating a contract.
  • Approximately 1500 homes sold

6. Communication

  • Direct line of communication to Dan and Jane
  • Updates provided on a consistent basis
  • Personalized email requests for showing comments from Realtors for better response

7. Technical tools

  • Constantly updating to provide the best service

8. Attention to Detail

  • Accuracy and follow through
  • Dan is a Notary - available to our clients
  • Personally attend closings

9. Relocation Experience

  • Extensive including establishing Twin Cities Relocation Management in the mid 1990’s
  • Experienced with most relocation companies

10. “Attitude”


Least Important Factors when Hiring a Realtor
Highest List Price - “You can’t reduce a listing that you don’t have.” The number one ethics violation according to the National Association of Realtors.

Lowest Commission – “You get what you pay for.”

Statistics – Be leery. Have you read the book “How to Lie with Statistics”?

Perception – “Is it reality?”

“Symbolism over substance?”