Our reputation is very important to us because we depend on your referrals and your continued business. We don’t want you to buy a home with “issues”!

Our priority is helping you make an informed, educated decision when you are purchasing a home.

Choose The Right Team 
We have sold approximately 1500 homes working with hundreds of Realtors, loan officers, inspectors and closers.

What are you looking for in a Realtor?
Experience? Intelligence? Creativity?
Top-notch negotiating skills? Advanced technological skills?
Honest – with your best interests in mind? Someone you can trust?
Knowledge about the market, neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, churches, shopping, parks?
Cooperative vs. adversarial?
How about 2 Home Experts for the price of 1?

Defining, then prioritizing your parameters
After determining your price range, make a list of your wants and needs when purchasing a home. List preferences of location, style, age, size. Consider the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garages. Does the yard have to be private, flat, fenced? Do you want a fireplace? Wood-burning or gas? Does it matter if the woodwork is light, medium, dark, birch, cherry, maple, oak, white? Do you want a porch? Do you need a main floor office, laundry, dining room? Etc., etc., etc.! Now make a list of “Musts” and “Would really like”.


Earnest Money
Buyers provide an earnest money check at the time of purchase agreement. These funds will be deposited into a brokers trust account within 3 days of acceptance and kept until closing at which time it will be used as part of the down payment. Customarily, the earnest money check is written for approximately 1% of the purchase price. Some sellers and agents will request more.

We recommend a complete home inspection performed by an independent home inspector. The purchase of a home will be contingent on the results of that inspection. Inspections are typically scheduled within 5 days of an accepted purchase agreement. Buyers and sellers must come to an agreement on any questionable findings of the inspection for the purchase agreement to be in effect. One year home warranties are available. We can provide information and discuss.

Final Walk-Through
Prior to the closing (usually the evening before or day of closing), the buyers will have an opportunity to walk through the home to determine that the condition of the home is substantially the same as when the purchase agreement was written and that any agreed upon repairs have been completed.

Closing Process
When all terms of the purchase agreement have been settled and the inspection finalized, the paperwork flies! The mortgage company will arrange for an appraisal on the property. Title work is commonly completed by a title company. The buyer determines the physical location of the actual closing. We provide contact information for utility companies, etc.. Coordination efforts of Realtors, buyers, sellers, loan officer and closers will assure a smooth closing which should last about an hour.