About The Team

Business Profile
Dan Revsbech started selling homes in 1992 after working as a loan officer. Jane Quilling started selling homes in 1993 due to the persuasion of friends. After successfully selling homes since 1992 as individuals, in 1999, Jane and Dan formed a team hence the QR Homes. New Year's Eve, 2001 they were married.

Their experiences and skills combine to make an extremely effective real estate force having negotiated sales for approximately 1600 homes. They have been through every possible home buying and selling scenarios many times as well as hundreds of home inspections. And worked with thousands of Realtors.

Jane and Dan's philosophy is to maintain their clients' best interests while working cooperatively with other Realtors. They know that "nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care." You always communicate with them directly! Working as full time professionals they treat people decently and with respect. They are Realtors who use the most up to date marketing and technological tools as well as their ears.